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区块链技术是什么?未来可能用于哪些方面?   区块链是什么,如何简单易懂地介绍区块链? 区块链技术如此有前景,为什么国内没有专门做这方面应用的公司? 想了解Bitcoin和Block Chain 背后的整个原理,该从哪儿着手? 如何看待中国人民银行说争取早日推出自己发行的数字货币? 中国人民银行准备发行自己的数字货币会是什么?这对比特币来说意味着什么? 各位認為被評價為Bitcoin 2.0的Ethereum(以太坊)是否有發展空間和成功潛力? 区块链技术的发展对于支付宝等第三方支付工具会带来哪些影响?

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What is a blockchain? How do I become a bitcoin/blockchain expert? Is blockchain a fad or a revolutionary technology? How is blockchain verifiable by public and yet anonymous? How exactly is Nasdaq using the blockchain? What industries will the Blockchain disrupt? How is the technology blockchain going to revolutionize industries? How does Bitcoin Blockchain work and what are the rules behind it? Which banks are using blockchain technologies? What are some unconventional uses of blockchains?

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IBM Blockchain 101: Quick-start guide for developers Hyperledger Project 区块链技术中文社区 巴比特 IBM Blockchain Bitcoin Academic Research The bitcoin series - Table of Contents chinaledger hyperledger ripple Wangxiang blockchain labs okcoin 比特币中国 ethereum White Paper Blockchains Startups Bitcoin Series 24: The Mega-Master Blockchain List The bitcoin series - Table of Contents IC3: ADVANCING THE SCIENCE AND APPLICATIONS OF BLOCKCHAINS

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